Moto Guzzi enduro history starts  with model Lodola Regolarita on  ISDT-International Six Day Trial app. in 1958.  Later on Stornello as Regolarita and Scrambler appeared. (Lodola ISDT, regolarita, Stornello regolarita, scrambler, Dingo cross and campero, Tuttotereno 50 and 125, 125 TT…. ) We can’t seriously talk about all of those models as true off-road vehicles, but it was a start for Guzzi enduro production. There were only more cosmetics corrections made on some of those.

First V engine on Guzzi enduro bike appears in 1979 on 500 TT model prepared for Paris-Dakarhttp://www.dakardantan.com/paris-dakar-1979/rigoni,guzzi+500+tt,83.htmlrally. In 1981 a prototyp of V 50 TS was done, but it never reached production. In 1984 continues with models 350 and 650 TT (tuttoterreno). 1985 prototyp Duna was done with 750 engine, from 1986 in serial production 350, 650 NTX with famous 32 liters big feul tank. From 1989 there was also 750 NTX with some different body work and Targa engine. Those bikes were real enduro and they were successful on different competitions such: Wynn’s in Australia, Baja in California, Pharaoh in Egypt, Incas in Peru… Ready also for Paris-Dakar with special made model Baja-650 TTc and Paris Dakar with 750cc V 4 engine. Those bikes are rare now ended. According to rummers one new enduro prototyp was made after, very mysterious, on chain drive.
Model 750 NTX in version XPA is still in use by Italian police. I have also NTX-650 from 1987, one of first. Originaly was 650, now it has 820cc. four valve engine, an oil cooler….. TT and NTX models were only enduro on cardan beside BMW and Honda XLV 750 and my guess is that Guzzi was better designed. More about these models you can read on:



Serial Quota production in Moto Guzzi factory started in 1992 with  model l000. The bike was result of desire to cover every aspect the marketplace. Carburettors were replaced by Weber Marelli electronic fuel injection. The first serial Moto Guzzi with that kind of injection was made. Frame was completely new solution , there was no integration between front and rear brakes.
This model was built in limited numbers, remaining in production till 1997 with poor sales figures. According to factory data 682 such bikes were produced. The production of 1000 model stopped few times till Quota ES in 1998 appeared in fabric program.

On »new« 1100 ES (enduro stradale) few changes were done comparing the bike with old 1000 model. Engine was re-tuned, seat height was lower, front disc’s diameter was bigger, front headlight fairing were redesigned with so called cat’s eye headlight. There are different data’s when the bike production was stopped from 1999 to 2001. One of versions is that in Guzzi factory an order from Australia was expected. It never came to it and production was stopped in 1999 (factory talks). Last Quotas were exported in Canada in 2001 and they have 45 mm Marzocchi adjustable forks. 50 were sent there, 100 in States, about 35 are in Italy, 15- 20 in Netherlands, 207 in Germay in Slovenia they are 5 in Great Britain 6 in New Zeland 2. I dont have data for other countrys. According to factory info. 780 ES models were produced. To me that numm. is too high as it is for 1000 model. Although we can’t say that Quota is “old model bike” my estimation is that there are less than 500 both bike models running now.

So we are talking about very rare, almost exotic Moto guzzi model. You should be informed on Quota history in a bit different context (Comparation Cagiva-Elephant with Quota) made by my Yahoo Quota forum friend. You can find it on: History Quota-Alfred Jorgensen.

There is a wast disappoinment between numerus Quota ovners regarding factory interest on them. Some spare parts are very heavily to find, from 2006 particularly. Obviously there was some sort of arrange between Aprilia and Guzzi, when the first one baught the second from Trident group. Aprilia namely has own enduro program (Pegaso, Caponord…) so there was no interest to have such one also in Mandello, booth under the same roof. Since then Guzzi stopped producing enduro bikes and factories management avoides conversation on this topic. Pitty because there is still a great deal of potential enduro knowledge and experiences gained from model Regolarita to Quota in Mandello.

But from 2006 a lot of guessings were on forums that new enduro bike will apear as Stelvio. Not as enduro-off road bike but more than “stradale” typ with 1200 cc. engine. In 2007 a dream became a reallity .  But Stelvio  wasn’t reaching eu regulations (euro 4 since 2017) so in 2019  new V 85 TT Guzzi enduro apperes on the market.


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